Dr. Febin, Busy Building His Mini Shopping Complex In Stadium Link Road Kochi

Build Your Shopping Center,Hotel or Just About Anything that you Fancy, from anywhere in the World

Current Location East of Miami, Florida
A Planned Asset Should Never become an Unplanned Liability

Plan for Long term value Appreciation and sustainable income

Build Your Shopping Complex without Complexities

No Fear of Absconding Contractors, Troublesome Labour and Redtape

Kilometers & Kilometers to Home?

Let it not stand in the way of Your Dream Asset

Premature Greying?
Try PMC Resource

Let PMC Resource be Your Real Estate Asset Development Expert to take care of the Task



PMC Resource Advices to Design and Develop your Real Estate assets with 100% integrity to construction project plan and budget to ensure optimum & sustainable return of investment.
Curious to know how much you can build in your land !

About Us

Your project needs a lot of attention, and trust us, your best friend, second cousin or father-in-law may not have the time and expertise to help you out

When it comes to real estate, you realize that the people closest to you are not exactly the best fit. No point blaming them, because they are here to be friends and well-wishers, not real estate project consultants.

Which is why a company like PMC Resource was born. To help those who are busy with their careers, their overseas engagements and responsibilities, yet want professional help to realize their real estate asset development projects back home.

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